Advance System Repair Pro Review

Advance System Repair Pro” is one of most powerful anti-malware software on the basis of All-In-One System maintenance solution. It has lots of interesting features aimed towards improving the System performance. This security software is developed exclusively for Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 OS based devices. There are two versions including “Advance System Repair” for free and “Advance System Repair Pro” in paid version available.

Advance System Repair Pro” is designed to boost-up your PC performance. Due to various reasons including Software issues, hardware getting out-of-date, malware or spyware issues and several other reasons, computer can become slower. So, you can use this PC repair tool to remove all types of System errors or bugs and improve your System performance as well.  This PC Repair tool is subscription-based software and it is available three types of subscription plans including:

  • For One PC: $29.95
  • For One PC with Privacy Controls: $39.95
  • For unlimited PCs and Privacy Controls: $49.95

Advance System Repair Pro Review: All-In-One Ultimate PC Care (Features)

This powerful PC Repair Tool includes full of features to help the users to get most performance out of lagging computer. Let’s take have a look at main features of “Advance System Repair Pro” application.

Junk Cleaner: This PC repair tool allows you to select all types of files that are deemed unnecessary. It might possible that your System has too many unnecessary files that may it causes to become slower. So, you can “Advance System Repair Pro” software to remove these junk files

User Friendly interface: This PC optimization software has user friendly interface and it is easy to use by both technical and non-technical users. It uses a minimalist blue application that highlights all of the necessary pats of the application. While starting the application, you can see all the important features including privacy scan, System junk, clutter scan, registry scan, System Startup scan, security holes scan, outdated drivers scan, malware or spyware scan, disk scan and corrupt System files scan as well.

Disk Defragmentation: It might possible that the date store in your computer hard drive may be scattered throughout the disk. Due to this, it causes slower performance problem and data inside your computer hard drive will be take much time to open. “Disk Defragment” is effective solution to make all the data inside to be stored properly for fast computer performance. You can start “Disk Defragment” on Advance System Repair Pro with only one click.

Application analysis: This powerful PC optimization software is capable to seeing the specific applications which are causing your computer to be slower. In most of the cases, this immediate slowdown computer performance issue might occur due to specific background applications running in your computer. These background applications can slowdown your System performance. So, this PC optimization software will be helpful in analyzing any background applications running in your machine.

Advance System Repair Pro Review -Malware or Spyware scanner: “Advance System Repair Pro” is powerful anti-malware software that allows you to scan your computer to remove adware, bots, worms, Trojans, Spyware and even Bitcoin miners. By removing these files can cause huge increase in your computer performance.

Privacy Cleaner: This PC repair application can be used to check up on the current privacy settings of your computer. By using this privacy package, you can check all types of data that you are currently making public and by fixing it, your computer will become safer and secure.

Registry Cleaner: System Registry is crucial part of computer that keeps track of all of the installed applications on your System. To stable the applications in System registry, you can run “Registry Cleaner” program through Advance System Repair Pro and clean your System Registry.

System Tweaking or Optimizer: This will tweak some System settings to get snappier performance out of your computer. It can help to optimize the older computer a lot.

Startup Manager: You might face Startup slower performance issue if you have too many applications on your machine. Some of these applications may be opening along with computer. As a result of it, you face your overall System performance has been slowdown. So, you can use “Advance System Repair Pro” tool to choose the specific applications which will be opened.

Advance System Repair Pro Review: Performance of application

This powerful PC repair software is capable to detecting any System related issues including missing DLL files, internet files and cache files and many more that may be causing the computer to have slower performance. After the scan, this application will display the result and give the choice either ignore the results and delete some of them.

On other hand, Advance System Repair Pro is also works as anti-malware software that removes all types of malware or spyware from computer and shows the scan results that includes either “no threats founds” or “list of threats”.

“Advance System Repair Pro” also has driver update tool that searches for all the drivers of your computer and looks for its latest version on the internet. Updating these drivers may cause immediate improvements in System performance.

Advance System Repair Pro Review: 24 * 7 PC repair service

“Advance System Repair Pro” software also provides customer support service for 24 * 7 that is one of most important tools. This is only limited to a customer ticket System and a help forum. It is guaranteed to take quite a while to be answered.

I hope this article helped you to known about Advance System Repair Propowerful PC optimization software. You can use this PC repair tool for any types of issues related to performance. This application is available in three subscription plans as mentioned above in this article. You can choose any one plan and run the full System scan to improve System performance. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding “Advance System Repair Pro Review”, please write on comment box given below.

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