Donald Trump Campaign official Website hacked by Cyber –Criminals

Cyber criminal hacked into the official website of Donald Trump election campaign ( and joked on its contents. According to the information, the hack first noted by Gabriel Lorenzo  Greschler on Twitter... Read more »

MS Update: Office PWAs Is Being Forcibly Installed In Windows 10

As per a report, it’s found that Microsoft is testing a phase where they are adding suite of Office progressive web applications in Windows 10, and that’s too without any user’s permission.... Read more »

Microsoft To Offer JavaScript Tutorial Free On YouTube

It seems now that Microsoft is all planned to offer free tutorial to users. After the launch of free Python course, the company is now offering another free programming language course, and... Read more »

Emotet Malware Is Found As Part Of US 2020 Election

As per the current reports, Emotet malware is found to be taking part in US 2020 Presidential election. As per the studies, this malware is actually discovered in form for a new... Read more »

Google Chrome Updates: New Version Allows Edit Saved Passwords

As per the report, the tech giant named Google is working on a feature of its browser, under which the users can edit previously saved passwords on chrome. This feature is actually... Read more »

Judge blocks ban on new TikTok downloads from U.S. app stores

An order from the Trump administration has been temporarily blocked by a US federal judge in Washington that would have banned TikTok from being downloaded from the U.S. app stores. Ultimately, the... Read more »

Hands-on With New Disk Management Tool Of Windows 10

In the run of migrating legacy tools into modern versions inside Windows Settings app, the new Disk Management tool in windows 10 is the latest effort of Microsoft. While speaking more about... Read more »

Latest Tor Browser 10 Released To Sync With Latest Firefox ESR Version

As per the reports, the Tor Project recently released Tor browser 10.0 which can sync with the latest EST version (Firefox enterprise version). The Firefox ESR is actually an enterprise version of... Read more »

High Risk Vulnerability Found In Firefox App For Android

SSDP engine related flaw lets hackers to exploit browsers on Android phones connected to same Wi-Fi network. This flaw is found actually in Firefox app for android platform. Reportedly, the new Firefox... Read more »

Learn To Fix Windows 10 Search Issues

While speaking about the popular features offered by Windows 10 operating system, its built-in search is very commonly used and allows the users to search for various options on their machine including... Read more »