Office 365 Phishing Campaigns To Steal Credentials Of Remote Workers

According to report, Cyber security researchers have discovered Microsoft Office 365 phishing scam campaigns and explained that attackers behind this attack targets Office 365 customers by phishing campaigns mechanism using bait messages... Read more »

YouTube Credentials On Underground Markets: Attackers Stolen Credentials For Sale

According to report, hackers are making huge money to advertise and scam with large number of YouTube credentials that has been noticed on hacker forums and cybercrime forum. The attackers discovered a... Read more »

Microsoft Blocked Upgrade To Windows 10 2004: May 2020 Security Patch Alert

According to report, Microsoft (American Multinational Company) has rolled out May 2020 patch security update. The company has patched various vulnerabilities for Windows devices. Some rough patches which you may or may... Read more »

Windows SpellChecker For Edge And Edge Dev Update Released With Fixes

Microsoft (American Multinational Company) has recently released Windows Spell Checker feature for all Chromium-based browsers to benefit from Windows SpellCheck integration. This new feature is now available in Microsoft Edge 83 version... Read more »

How To Get Windows Spellcheck? Support Windows 8.1 And Higher Version

Microsoft (American Multinational Company) has released “Windows Spellcheck” this week for Windows OS based devices. It is designed and ready to support devices with Windows 8.1 and higher versions of Windows. For... Read more »

How To Get Windows 10 May 2020 Update?

Microsoft (American Multinational Company) has released Windows 10 May 2020 Update with new changes and several new features inbuilt. The update is also known as Windows 10 version 2004 which have noteworthy... Read more »

End-Of-Life of CoreOS Container Linux: OS Image Will Be Removed

According to report, the official website of CoreOS states that CoreOS Container Linux will no longer receive updates and will reach its end of life. “Red Hat” developer who designed & developed... Read more »

Iranian Chafer APT attacks Air Transport and government on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Researchers have uncovered a cyber-crime campaign from hacker group, CHAFER APT, apparently links to the Iranian government, and discovered several air transportation and government victims with the hope of spreading backdoor and... Read more »

CVE-2020-3956 Vulnerability In VCD: Download/Apply the Security Patch

A leading cloud service-delivery platform, VMware Cloud Director (VCD) has been hacked due RCE Vulnerability exploits. This exploit is also known as CVE-2020-3956 vulnerability exploited by attackers that allows them to deliver... Read more »