Combo Cleaner Review 

How good the Combo Cleaner for malware removal?

Combo Cleaner is a complete security suite for Mac operating systems, including Yosemite, EI Captain and Sierra developed by RCS LT Company. This program is capable of detecting and removing cyber threats like adware, browser hijacker and other potentially unwanted applications and malware. In addition, it is feature with system optimization tools like disk cleaner, duplicate file finder, Big File finder, Privacy-Scanner and Software Uninstaller.

Mac users have the misconception that their device is not susceptible to Cyber infections. This is the reason most of them skip the important security step of using some comprehensive security tool. However, the fact is that Mac Malware are very real and becoming more prevalent. Researchers see the rise in adware targeted at Mac devices. While these unwanted apps are not considered as high risk threats, they can be annoying if no measures are taken on time. Some other malware like MacDownloader, KeRenger, X-agent are belonging to the group of viruses having the potential to steal sensitive information, lock essential files and much more. Having an antivirus suite prevents these issues.

Combo Cleaner is the best solution of malware issues as it is equipped with Mac and PC virus definition databases.  Thus, this will prevent Mac users to inadvertently forwarding spam messages to their friends using Windows OS. In all, this tool will assist your machine to keep threats away as well as ensure smooth PC performances through optimization.

Supported Platform  

Combo Cleaner was available for Mac computers, including Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), and macOS Sierra (10.12) operating systems at the time of testing.


You can download the application from website for free. Through its free version, you can scan the device and perform removal of Application chances, Downloads, Application logs and Trash. For accessing its full function, you require subscribing to Combo Cleaner’s premium version that costs $7.99 for 1 month. As compared to other applications, this value is quite low. For example, legit antivirus suite often costs around $60, a duplicate file detector around $10 and so on. So, the overall costs would be around $100 for receiving all the features that the Combo Cleaner provides you just in $7.99.

Installation and Function

You can download the application from the Official Mac App store. The installation process is straightforward (see the users install guide provided below the post). After the installation, you would see the technical information of the Mac, like total disk space available, RAM used/available and the load of the CPU. Separate functions can be accessed through the Dashboard on the left. Users can run free scan and check for disk errors, duplicates, privacy issues and cyber threats. The scanning process takes time according with the size of the disk. However, it merely takes 20 minutes. Also, during the process, users can utilize their device for other functions. After scanning is done, users will see the result immediately.  However, for the malware fix, the users require Premium version.


Antivirus engine: Combo Cleaner is equipped with two scan engines. The first one checks for malware infection and the second scans PC for security threats. Additionally, it can expose Windows viruses.

Disk Cleaner: With this feature, users can eliminate junk and temporary files and clean up their device for the smoother and faster operation

Big Files:  This features allows you finding old, forgotten and unused files that take a large amount of space on the device and clutter it

Duplicates: Such files are useless and harder to detect. The Combo Cleaner provides the feature to locate such files and eliminate them from the device

Privacy Scanner: The tool scans the machine for cookies, browsing history and similar data and hence protects the privacy of the users

Uninstaller: This feature allows users to uninstall and download apps. As Mac users can delete their apps simply by dragging them to trash, the associated files remain that resulting in lost disk space. With this feature, they can detect the associated files and eliminate them after the apps un-installation has done.


As Cyber crime on the risk and cyber criminals have been abusing more systems than before for data locking and ransom demand, crypto mining etc, the innocent computer users now are in the great risk of personal data loss and identity exposure. Continually, cyber crooks working on combating all such threats and coming up new solutions for any sophisticated infections. Thus, it becomes important for the users to take the advantage of their technology to protect their privacy.

Furthermore, Combo-Cleaner suite is one of such advanced technologies that allow users to not only preventing malware damages but also avoiding inadvertently forward the infection on networks.  The extra features of this application can speed up the Mac performance and make it run smoother and faster. All in all, using this application and spending money on for its Premium version are not worthless.

How to install and Scan with Combo Cleaner

  • Download Combo Cleaner app from the link below

Special Offer (Macintosh)

The use of Combo Cleaner tool allows you search for malicious threat. If you find any doubtful file, you can try to eliminate using this professional program.

  • Once the download complete, double-click on the downloaded file
  • Wait for the Window to open, drag the Combo Cleaner icon and drop it on Application Folder icon

  • Open Launchpad and click on icon representing Combo Cleaner

  • The installation and updating to the latest virus definition process will start. After the process is complete, the program will launch automatically

  • The program is now ready to use. You will the Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan option after when you click the Antivirus tab

  • With the click, the scanning process starts. Let the scan be completed. You will see the detected threats and an option below stating Remove all threats

  • After the removal process is completed, click on the uninstaller button to check any leftover files or programs. You will see a long list of programs, from which you have to select the related files to the threats and then click on Remove Selected Items