Donald Trump Campaign official Website hacked by Cyber –Criminals

Cyber criminal hacked into the official website of Donald Trump election campaign ( and joked on its contents.

According to the information, the hack first noted by Gabriel Lorenzo  Greschler on Twitter apparently took place shortly before 4 PM Pacific time. The attackers placed a rather ironic “stub” on the resource’s home page. The attackers mostly likely accessed the backend of the web server and introduced  a long piece of obfuscated java script, creating a parody of the FBI message.

 The hacker also states that they had compromised several system of Trump and his encourage  and now they have variety of information including data on the origin of the coronavirus. The criminal published the address of two cryptocurrency wallets, inviting everyone to Vote for or against the publication of this data by via donating Monero to one of  the wallets. Monero is the cryptocurrency  that is easy to send but it is hard to detect. So that it cyber criminal or hacker demands the ransom money in the form of crypto currency like as Monero, Bitcoins. The total amount of the cryptocurrency will be compared and the higher amount will determine what was done with the data.