End-Of-Life of CoreOS Container Linux: OS Image Will Be Removed

According to report, the official website of CoreOS states that CoreOS Container Linux will no longer receive updates and will reach its end of life. “Red Hat” developer who designed & developed this OS urges the users to migrate towards another operating System as soon as possible. Red Hat developer would prefer to migration to be Fedora CoreOS which has designed as the “Official Successor of CoreOS Container Linux”. The preview of this new OS has come out last month. Let’s take have a look at “Red hat” statements on the matter.

 “It is built specifically for running containerized workloads securely and at scale and combines the provisioning software and automatic update model of Container Linux with the packaging technology, OCI support, and SELinux security of Atomic Host”

CoreOS Container Linux will no longer be available to new subscribers

Red Hat announced End-Of-Life for CoreOS Container Linux on 26 May 2020. This OS will no longer available for those users who recently subscribed or registered on it while existing subscribers wouldn’t be affected on AWS Marketplace. On other hand, it doesn’t affect users releasing Container Linux via AMI Ids listed on CoreOS download webpage. Moreover, final updates to CoreOS Container Linux will begin rolling out. If any vulnerability or security issues discovered after 26th May 2020, it will not be fixed.

“End-Of-Life” announcement note also states that on September or after that, published resources related to CoreOS Container Linux will be permanently deleted or made read-only. Any users can’t download the OS after this date. CoreUpdate Servers will be shutdown and OS images will be removed from every platform including AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine and GitHub repositories, and will become read-only.

Apart from that, documentation will continue to exist for as long as is practical. If any users want to run CoreOS Container Linux on their machine, it will continue running, but they will no longer be able to download updates. No any new CoreOS Container Linux will be release in future. So, Red Hat urges the users to migration from CoreOS Container Linux to another OS.

Anyway, you will have next option for CoreOS Container Linux replacement that will be Fedora CoreOS. You can try this OS, report a bug and missing features to the “Issue tracker” discussed Fedora CoreOS in Fedora Discourse, in #Fedora-coreos on Freenode. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this matter, please write on comment box given below.

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