How To Fix StartUpCheckLibrary.dll Missing Error (Fix Windows 10)

Are you able to notice StartUpCheckLibrary.dll missing or not found issue while launching your system or while running some applications on Windows 10? Well, if your answer is affirmative, then reading this article can be helpful.

6 methods to fix StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error

This article basically includes various information regarding possible reasons for eruption of xyz file related error messages and how to sort out the issues in easy way.

The error is actually being reported by users on wide scale, even by those who updated their machine to latest Windows 10 version 1909, and getting the StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error message on screen while they attempt to turn their system on. The message seem to be like what mentioned:

“There was a problem starting StartupCheckLibrary. The specified module could not be found”

Following the instant eruption of aforementioned error message, the users are also expected to see no activation status on screen along with missing search icon on taskbar. Well, facing off this issue is irritating because a specific file named xyz is actually missing and plays an important role for various applications inside Windows 10.

Thus, if you are one among the users who are facing off StartUpCheckLibrary.dll file missing related messages, here comes some fixes which you can try in order to resolve issue on your windows 10.

How to Fix StartUpCheckLibrary.dll Errrors On Windows?

Method 1: Run SFC Scan

In case if you are able to see StartUpCheckLibrary.dll missing or not found error, then you can run SFC (System File Checker) too to repair the corrupted files on windows 10. this is a manual process and you can follow here mentioned instructions:

  • Press Win + R key combination and type “CMD” in open command line. Do make sure to open command prompt as Admin.
  • In the opened command prompt screen, type “sfc/scannow” and press Enter.
  • The process will run internally to check and repair any missing or corrupted system files, and may end up in approx 15 minutes.
  • Restart your machine to check if StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error is resolved or gone.

Method 2: Run DISM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management) tool

If you find that Method 1 failed to resolve the aforementioned error in your case, then you can also run the DISM tool to fix corrupted Windows system files, for which the steps are here included:

  • Run Command Prompt as admin. (follow the step as discussed in method 1)
  • In the open command window, type “DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHealth” and press Enter key.
  • The scanning process will take approximately 30 minutes to check and repair files on computer.
  • Restart your machine now to check if StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error is gone.

Method 3: Download StartUpCheckLibrary.dll file manually

This method is suggested to those who found StartUpCheckLibrary.dll missing error on their computer. All they require is to download and place StartUpCheckLibrary.dll on their machine. To do so, they can visit official Microsoft’s website and search for the dll file which they will have place under DLL library of Windows 10.

Method 4: Install DirectX

According to what many users have reported, they managed to fix the StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error on their machine by installing DirectXon their machine. To do so, you can check and download the latest DirectX version and install it on your system to check if the problem is resolved.

Method 5: Update the system drivers

In some instances, the outdated driver on computer might also throw StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error on screen and just updating the device drivers to latest version can fix the issue completely and hassle free. In order to accomplish this task, just update the driver from their corresponding official sources and the issue might have been resolved.

Method 6: Fixing StartUpCheckLibrary.dll error automatically

If none of the above mentioned manual methods helped you to fix StartUpCheckLibrary.dll missing or not found error, then you can try the automatic solution as suggested. The Advanced System Repair will scan and check for corrupted sectors or files on your machine, and will fix the issue completely without any manual hassles.

Conclusion: StartUpCheckLibrary.dll file missing or not found error is really disappointing when appears on screen, but the issues can be resolved if some proper methods or solutions are followed. Based on some suggested advises, we have added here some guidelines and hope the same had helped you fixing the issue with your own computer as well.

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