How To Fix Unexpected Store Exception Error On Windows 10?

If you are Windows 10 users and facing UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION error continuously on your PCs, then you are in right place. Here, we are discussing about UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION error in details and several solutions to fix this BSoD type error. For those who are not aware, this BSoD type error indicates that the store component caught an unexpected exception. This error might occur due to several reasons. Let’s start discussion.


Unexpected Store Exception Error is Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) type error that might occurs on your Windows 10 due to faculty hardware, bad driver or software bug. This error is mainly caused by software bug. Software bugs can easily be solved through modifying the settings or applying the available updates from producer or from the operating System. So, you should keep update all the software running in your computer and remove the faculty software as soon as possible. However, many users have reported on various online forums or other platforms about Unexpected Store Exception BSoD error and asked for the solution.

Reasons behind UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION BSoD error on Windows 10

  • Reported or reporting users about this serious error have mainly Dell, ASUS, HP and Lenovo PC/laptop. This issue is relatively common on these devices.
  • In most of the cases, this issue is related to your SSD or hard disk. So if you are noticing this error on Windows 10, then please check if your storage device is working properly.
  • It might possible to get UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION error while gaming. So, you should restart the game and check if the error is resolved. If the error occurs again, then your System has serious problem.
  • This error can come with Blue Screen followed by restart. This mean your System have hardware or driver issue.
  • Sometime UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION error can come with “No Bootable Device” message. If this message appears, then please check if your hard drive is working properly.

[Tips & Tricks] How to fix UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION BSoD errors on Windows 10?

Procedure 1: Check your hard drive

Unexpected Store Exception Error might appear due to problem in your hard drive. Many users have reported that the cause for this issue was their SSD and after replacing it with other SSD, the problem was resolved. But before you replace your SSD (Secondary Storage Device), we suggest you to test it on different computer and check if the issues appear on other computers. To do this, you can simply disconnect and reconnect your hard drive to fix the problem. You can also connect your hard drive to Motherboard using different SATA cable.

Procedure 2: Check for BIOS Configuration

To fix Unexpected Store Exception Error, you can check your BIOS configuration. It might possible that its configuration in BIOS is causing this serious error. To do this, you need to access BIOS and change few settings. You can also read “Motherboard Manual” for detail instructions that could help you to see how to do that.

At first, you need to enter into BIOS, set the hard drive that has Windows on it as boot device. Before going for further steps, make sure that SATA configuration is set from IDE or RAID to ACHI. Since, every BIOS is different, so we recommended you to check your “Motherboard Manual” for extra instructions.

Procedure 3: Update your display driver

Step 1: At first, you need to boot your computer in Safe Mode

Step 2: Now, go to the official website of your manufacturers like NVDIA, AMD or Intel and download the latest drives from there.

Step 3: Now, click on downloaded files and install the driver. Once done, restart your computer

Step 4: Again booting into Safe Mode, open “Device Manager” by pressing “Windows + X” and select Device Manager

Step 5: Click on “Display Adapters” and expand it

Step 6: Right click on each sub-entry under “Display Adapters” option, and click on “Uninstall Device”

Step 7: Finally, restart your computer and check if the problem is resolved.

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Procedure 4: Run SFC & DISM Scan

To run SFC Scan

Step 1: Press “Windows + X” key from keyboard and select “Command Prompt As Administrator”

Step 2: Type “sfc/scannow” command and press “Enter” key to execute it

Step 3: Wait to complete the process. Once done, restart your computer

Run DISM Scan

Step 1: Click on “Start” button and click on “Command Prompt (Admin)”

Step 2: In the opened Command Prompt window, type the command “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” and press “Enter” key to execute it.

Procedure 5: Disable Fast Startup and Sleep features

To disable Fast Startup

Step 1: After booting your PC in Safe Mode, press “Windows + S” key board and type “Control Panel” and then choose Control Panel from the list

Step 2: In the opened Control Panel, select “Power options”

Step 3: Now, go to “Choose what the power button does”

Step 4: Click on “Change Settings that are currently unavailable”

Step 5: Deselect “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” and click on “Save changes”

To disable Sleep feature

Step 1: At first open “Power options” and locate your current power plan

Step 2: Click on “Change Plan settings”

Step 3: Now, set the “Put the computer to sleep” to “Never” and click on “Save Changes”

Step 4: This step is optional. You can click on “Change Advanced power settings” and expand the sleep section

Step 5: Make sure that everything is disabled. Click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

Procedure 6: Disable File History

Step 1: Open “Setting” app by pressing “Windows + I” key from keyboard

Step 2: Now, go to “Update & Security > Backup” section

Step 3: Turn OFF “Automatically backup my files” options. If this option is not available, it means that File History is not running on your PC.

Step 4: Once done, please check if the problem is resolved.

Procedure 7: Disable your antivirus

To disable Windows Defender

Step 1: Press “Windows + I” key from keyboard to open “Setting” app

Step 2: Now, go to “Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & Threat protection Settings”

Step 3: Slide “Real-Time Protection” to turn OFF

To disable any third party antivirus software

Step 1: Open “Settings” App and go to “Apps” section

Step 2: Find your antivirus software on the list

Step 3: Click on it and then click on “Uninstall”

Procedure 8: Update your Windows 10

Unexpected Store Exception BSoD error can be fixed with Windows update. So, you should update your Windows OS if available. If Microsoft is aware of this error, this error will be patched in one of the future updates. If your Windows 10 is up-to-date and the issue still persists, then try rest of the solutions.

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I am sure this article helped you to fix Unexpected Store Exception Error in many ways. You can choose either one or all procedure as per your System requirements. After implementing all the mentioned solution if you are unable of fix this issue, then it might possible that your System has malware or spyware related issue. In this case, you can scan your computer with powerful antivirus software that has the ability to delete all junk files or viruses from System.

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