How To Get Windows Spellcheck? Support Windows 8.1 And Higher Version

Microsoft (American Multinational Company) has released “Windows Spellcheck” this week for Windows OS based devices. It is designed and ready to support devices with Windows 8.1 and higher versions of Windows. For those who are not aware, Windows devices were using open-source proofing tools for spell checking on Microsoft Edge and other Chromium browsers, before “Windows Spellcheck” release. But now, these devices can use new release tool.

At the launch, “Windows Spellcheck” tool will be included with Microsoft Edge 83 that is the latest of version of Microsoft Edge browser. In case if you are using Microsoft Edge, then you are using this new spellchecking System by default.

How to get Windows Spellcheck?

To make sure, go to “address: > type ‘edge://settings/languages’” and then you will find the preferred language that has the ability to offer to translate pages that are not in the language you need. By default, your Edge browser will have English, English (United States) and maybe one other. If you want to install other language to spellcheck, you can do it via Windows Settings. To do this, go to “Settings > Time & language > Add a Preferred language” and then you will see previous Microsoft Edge Spellchecking was provided by Hunspell. Microsoft will fall back to prior experience from Hunspell if the required language pack is not available yet.

Interestingly, “Windows Spellcheck” is not opened sourced, but it is still benefit for other Chromium-based browsers. The credit of Windows Spellcheck development and integration with Chromium project goes to thanked Guillaume Jenkins and Rouslan Solomakhin (Google), and Bruce Long, Luis Sanchez Padilla, and Siye Liu (Microsoft), Bo Cupp, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft Edge, and Grisha Lyukshin, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge. That’s all, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding this matter, please write on comment box given below.

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