Microsoft Developer Improved Drag-and-Drop Behavior On Chromium

According to report, Microsoft Company’s developer has contributed a fix the annoying behaviour in Chromium-based browser including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser and currently helping with the drag-and-drop behaviour. For those who are not aware, Chromium is an open source browser created by Google Corporation.

Chromium browser is generally used by other developers as starting point for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Opera browsers. Microsoft adopted Chromium engine for its own browser in 2018 and developers at Microsoft contribute to open source platform regularly.

Eric Lawrence, a Microsoft Edge developer stated that the small changes made by him that will solve incredibly annoying issue in Chromium‘s drag-and-drop process. Actually, users had lost current tab in order to drag-and-drop anything on a tab, before fix. They noticed the file has taken tab entirely. When dragged document replaces your tab, anything ongoing work would be replaced and you would lose that work finally. Now, Microsoft developer has fixed this issue with new change that has been made to improve drag-and-drop experience. Let’s take have a look at developers’ statements.

“Users can easily lose work if they drag/drop a file or URL into a tab that does not consume the dropped data (e.g., as a file upload). Rather than navigating the current tab (blowing away whatever was in it), instead open the dropped URL in a new foreground tab”

Furthermore, Microsoft developer explained that in order to drag-and-drop a file from the desktop or File Explorer, Google Chrome will automatically open it new tab instead open it on current tab. These new drag-and-drop options improvements will start rolling on to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser soon. If you have any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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