Microsoft Driver upcoming changes could affect windows 10 plug- and-play

According to the Microsoft report, Microsoft driver update changes in Windows 10. Driver marked as Automatic are automatically installed by Windows 10. When  the related  device is plugged into a computer for the first time. Windows Update is also used to deliver automatic drivers to allow hardware developer to instantly organize  fixes to windows 10.

When  Microsoft drivers are noticeable as Manual then Windows 10 will automatically install the driver as part of the operating system. Plug and play feature to get new hard ware and running if an automatic driver is not available.

 However, Manual Drivers will not be installed  automatically  through Windows update and it will manually installed via the Windows 10.

What are the affects of Upcoming changes: upcoming changes could affect plug- and-play

  • Microsoft is making some minor changes to how Manual drivers are being organized that could affect plug and play for some devices.
  • On 5th November 2020 , drivers marked as Automatic will continue to be automatically installed by windows 10 when a new device is plugged into a system or Windows update.
  • Manual driver will no longer be insralled instead of the plug and play process and will only be available via the optional updates section.
  • Manual driver updates can be install manually on your system if you mainly request then by navigating  to setting > Update $ Security> Windows Update> View optional updates.
  • With this change, if a device is plugged into a System and there is no automatic drive available then Windows 10 will issue a DNF (Driver Not Found) error, and the hardware will not work automatically.