SpyHunter 5 Review

How effective the SpyHunter tool for you?

SpyHunter by Enigma Software Group USA, LLC is an anti-spyware computer program for Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is designed to detect and remove a large number of spyware variants, including Trojan horses, computer worms, root-kits and other malicious software. Thus, it is an excellent tool for both home users and experienced security experts. At current, this security tool is at version 5 and receives the definition updates on daily basis.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of security applications available on the market with many pros and cons. However, you can’t deny this fact that some tools perform a little better than better and even in relatively low price. The SpyHunter is one of such tools and the best solutions for system security from any parasites.

You will find two versions of this tool on the market -SpyHunter Free and SpyHunter Registered version. The free version or the trial version activates for 48 hours after the installation and allows the users to perform malware removal within the last performed scan. To get the feature the full, the users require purchasing the full version of the application. The full version of SpyHunter guarantees high level of protection. Also, it provides unlimited tech support service via HelpDesk or phone which is available 24/7.

Coming to the SpyHunter version 5- the latest and by the most optimized version of the security program,  this tool will help in fixing Windows registry and other elements corrupted due to malware infection and also save users from reinstalling Windows from crashes. Let us explain how: Typically, when some malware like Browser Hijackers and adware enter in a device, they conduct unwanted changes to the compromised OS. In certain cases, these viruses disable the crucial features like start up repair, program removal option etc after doing malicious modifications to the Window registry options and boot sections and other Window features.  The SpyHunter team provides tech support from chat to the users for the malware removal without any damages.

Full Review of SpyHunter 5

The SpyHunter received mixed response over the years. Have a haunt on for editorial and consumer reviews, none of them can be seemed as wiser. Therefore, we decided to go right back to its basis for the latest review on version 5.

“We found nothing that suggested that it’s rogue or unscrupulous”


Like most people, you may likely to use the trail version and see if there is any spyware on the device. For the removing the detected virus, the app requires the subscription. You can purchase this program with a cost of $39 for a six month subscription. On any standard home broadband connection, it will take less than a minute for the download, few seconds for any software updates and under a few minutes the software will be fully installed.


The new and updated SpyHunter 5 is ideally compatible with all Windows version, such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP and Vista. This software can run on operating system with 32-bit as well as 64-bit, architecture and performance wise, it does not disturb the user even when it is performing its automatic update on the background.

Technology review

The key benefit of the technology use with SpyHunter includes the performance optimization that makes the program invisible when it is running on the computer. It takes only 1.3MB of RAM – recorded the lowest memory taken- when the scanning is not performed. Further, this app has been created with a module that makes automatic customization to answer the needs of the customer.

The HelpDesk feature is another important feature of SpyHunter 5. It gives users the technicians to analyze the affected device remotely and then fix them at hand. Also, its security feature allows it to use an integrated and advanced technology to detect standard root-kits with prevention capabilities. Furthermore, the program takes only 4% to 12% of CPU space and 10.3 MB of RAM during scan, which is significant move over the older versions.


  • Exclusions list – The SpyHunter paid version software provides you a feature to detect non-malicious programs you often use as malicious and allow you to add them to exclusion list. Thereafter, the security program won’t identity them as unsafe in future
  • User-friendly UI– The developers keep in mind about whilst making it so that it will be a user-friendly so that even an inexperienced user can run scan change particular settings or perform malware removal process.
  • Rollback feature -The SpyHunter provides you a backup feature using which you can easily restore the deleted file to its original location
  • Scan Scheduler– With this feature, users are allowed to plan daily computer scan as convenient. Users can set up daily scans, every other day scans, and every weekend scans or choose another preferable time interval. The Scans happen only when the computer is on
  • Custom Scan – If have no left to perform system scan, you can set the software to check the specific areas like Memory, Registry, Files, Cookies or Root-kits
  • Regular malware database updates– the program checks for new updates every time you start it and automatically downloads and installs the ones that newly found. So, the malware definition is renewed continually according to the latest samples.
  • DNS settings – With this feature, you can secure any information from leaking on the network, which can eventually lead into malware infection.
  • Network settings– this configuration allows the users to modify and secure the incoming and outgoing internet traffic and set up custom settings

Using the SpyHunter paid version, if you are not satisfied, you can redeem the money within 30 days of the purchase.

Is investing on SpyHunter 5 worth?

The SpyHunter 5 has the basic protection capability like other tools can provide to you. But its HelpDesk feature swings it up. This service is really helpful for the time when users left blank with malware removal when they are doing by themselves. So, the investment on SpyHunter 5 is worth as you get a hand to support you in performing malware removal from your device. Follow the guidelines below to download and install the SpyHunter 5 successfully.

User guide on Spyhunter download and install on different browsers

Instruction for Firefox browsing app

  • Download Spyhunter 5 from the link below

Special Offer (For Windows)

Virus can prove dangerous if remains on your computer for longer duration. So, we suggest you to try for Spyhunter to scan entire PC and find out malicious threat.

For more information, read SpyHunter’s EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. Spyhunter checks that your computer has malware with its free trial version. If found any threat, it takes 48 hours time for its removal. If you need to eliminate virus instantly, you are required to purchase licensed version of this software.

  • After the download, you will see “Opening SpyHunter-Installer.exe” window on the screen in the Downloads dialogue box

  • Double-Click the “Opening SpyHunter-Installer.exe” file

  • User Account Control dialog appear with an option Yes and No, choose the Yes option

  • Set the preferable language and click Ok

  • Click continue to proceed the installation

  • Read the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy and then click on install button

  • Click the finish button to complete the installation step

Instruction for Chrome users

  • After clicking on the download button, you will see a filename SpyHunter-Installer.exe on the screen
  • Double click on SpyHunter-Installer.exe file

  • Choose Yes from User Account Control

  • Select Language and Click OK button

  • Click on Continue to proceed

  • Read the End User License Agreement and privacy policy and Click install

  • At last, click Finish button to complete the program installation

User guide for IE browsers

  • After the Spyhunter downloads, go the Download dialog box and double click the Run option

  • Confirm with Yes to the User Account Control

  • Select preferred Language

  • Click continue

  • Accept the License Agreement and privacy policy and then click on Install button

  • Click the Finish button

Guide for Safari user

  • When you click on the SpyHunter 5 software download button, you will see a window asking you “Do you want to run or save this file?” Click on “Save” option to continue

  • Go to the Downloads dialog box and look for the SpyHunter-Installer.exe. Double click on it to open it

  • Click “Yes” for the User Account Control confirmation

  • Select the preferred language and click Ok

  • Click continue to proceed

  • Read and Accept the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy and click Install button

  • Click Finish on the Last step to complete the SpyHunter 5 installation.