Stellar Windows Data Recovery Review: Powerful File Recovery Tool

Are you are looking for solution or data recovery tool to recover lost/damaged files of your computer? Have you ever lost your personal files or data in your computer? If yes, then you can spend your time in reading this article. Here, we are discussing about best data recovery solution that could help you to recover lost files.

Stellar Data Recovery software is one of the best data recovery software that enables users to retrieve deleted, lost and unavailable objects from hard drives, USB drives or almost any other storage devices. The application is available in both free and paid version. The free version is standard file recovery tool, but users can only retrieve limited size of data. If users need to retrieve large files, it is required to upgrade it.

Researchers explained that it might possible to face data loss problem due to several reasons. If you are not being alert enough, then sometimes unwanted deletion of files can occur due to technical error. However, none of your files are ever truly erased. In case if you are deleting some files like pictures, documents or other items, computer lists for overwriting, it is possible to recover it actually with the help of “Stellar Data Recovery software”.

Stellar Data Recovery features: Quick Scan and Deep Scan

“Stellar Windows Data Recovery software” is very powerful data recovery application that is designed to help you access and recover deleted/lost files, folders, missing or corrupt partitions and even formatted hard disks. You can use this software for any types of storage device like hard drives, memory, CD, DVD, USB drives and so on. This software scans the select memory for hidden files and allows you to preview them before restoring. On the home screen of Stellar Data Recovery software, you see two modes of scanning i.e., Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Quick Scan option helps you to scan the memory quicker and yet little less meticulous while Deep Scan options help you to search for the files in several storage media. Moreover, this application is also able to recover raw data. When we talk about files type that this program could recover, Stellar Windows Data Recovery software can search and recover virtually any type of files including images, audios, videos, Office documents, archive, backup, databases, internet and other formats of files.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Review: Office Documents, Folders, Emails, Photos, Audios and Videos are 6 main options

Stellar Data Recovery software is user friendly application that can be handled or used by both technical and non-technical users. So if you are thinking that it is required to complete IT diploma or other professional course to work or use this software, then it is just rumor. This application is designed in such a way that any users can easy to use it. So, you can go for installation. Once installation completed, you will see 6 main options on home screen of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows. These options include Office Documents, Folders, Emails, Photos, Audios and Videos, and above all these options you will notice “All data” option which simply checks all the boxes in Home Screen Window of this software.


For further actions, you need to select any options from the list. After that, click on “Next” and select where you want the program to scan. If you want to go for fast scan, then choose “Quick Scan” option and if you are looking for doesn’t show up, then go for “Deep Scan” option. Once the scan complete, the results are displayed in simple table. Now, you can find the result by the file type or by simply scrolling from folders if you really know where the file was.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery Review: “Preview” feature

When we talk about “Preview” feature of Stellar Data Recovery software for Windows, many similar programs does display all files formats, but this software allows you to quickly look into ppt, xlx, docs, images, pdf and so on. It can also preview audio files and you to take quick listen that is all you need to make a decision about the recovery. In simple word, we can say that this interesting feature can help you to find particular file that you want. And Final step is to recover files, it is very simple by just clicking on “Recover” button which is where you expected to be.

Stellar Data Recovery software for Windows is available with the price starting from $79.99 and has free technical support. So, if you want to use recovery option or recover your files, then you need to buy the software. However, this data recovery software for Windows is really easy to use by both technical and non-technical users.

Main Criteria to evaluate the performance of Stellar Windows Data Recovery software

  • User friendliness: Stellar Data Recovery Software is extremely user friendly application for Windows due to its minimalistic design, lack of technical knowledge required and easy to read interface.
  • Scanning: Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows include two scanning mode like Quick Scan and Deep Scan. If you want fast scan, then choose Quick Scan option. It works faster than similar programs that you tried before while Deep Scan option allows you to scan for files in entire corrupted storage device.
  • Effectiveness: Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software attempt to find everything you are looking for and did so quickly. Data recovery process is also very easy and simple that provides 6 main options on home screen of software and above all of them “All Data” option that allows you to scan your storage device for all types of files. This can make it a little trickier finding your actually lost data.
  • Functionality: Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows is capable of recovering lost files from your hard drive as well as from external media devices like memory cards, CD, DVD and other storage devices. On other hand, this data recovery software can also restore formatted hard drives and lost partitions. But during the scanning process the computer doesn’t look to slow down so you can continue working on your PCs on some other tasks while waiting for the results. And as a result, you will see searched files by this software that could be recovered by further processes.

Download/install Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software: Available in free and license version   

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Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a powerful tool that helps you recover your corrupted, damaged or encrypted files. The users can also take a trial with a data recovery software to check if it can help recovering files. Take a free trial with the app here.

Moreover, Stellar Data Recovery Software is available with the price of $79.99. This version include 1 year license for single System, but it doesn’t include video or Jpeg repair capacity while its premium version price at $99.99 has these features. So, you can invest your money in purchasing this software if you want to recover a lot of lost data. On other hand, you can also download/install Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software for free. The free version of this software allows you to scan and preview your lost or deleted data, but you can’t recover it. To recover, you need to purchase the license version of it. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article, please write on comment box given below.

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