Zoom rolls out of new security enhancements designed to block Zoombombing

The Zoom video conferencing Software has become an very  famous and widely use software which keep in touch with family  and friends. According to the company reporting  its platform reached 300 million daily users.

Today Zoom has announced the rollout of new security enhancements designed to help meeting hosts to  block zoombombing attempts and members to report misbehaving users.

New Security enhancements:

  • The First new security feature added by Zoom, dubbed Suspend participant Activities and enabled by default for all zoom users. It also allows hosts and Co-hosts to temporarily pause meeting and quickly remove any disturbing members.
  • By Clicking the “Suspend Member Activities” button under the Security icon, hosts will be able to immediately end all video, audios, in- meeting chat, comment, screen sharing, recording and Breakout Rooms Activities.
  • The hosts or co-host will be asked if they would like to report a use from their meeting, share any details, and optionally include a screenshot. Once they click submit the reported user will be removed from their meeting, and Zoom’s Trust & Safety team will be notified.
  • The second feature is Report by Members that also makes it possible for meeting participants to report Zoombombing trolls by clicking the security badge on the top-left side of the Zoom Client Window.
  • Report by participants can be enabled by admins and account owners from the web settings.
  • The new security enhancements are immediately available to all users of Zoom desktop clients for macOS, Windows, Linuz and mobile Apps, With web Client and VDI users to get access later this year.

Old Security enhancements:

  • Zoom enabled a waiting Room feature that allows hosts to control when members join meetings and now need a password when scheduling new meetings, instant meetings or webinar on April 4.
  • As the FBI warned on March 30, these measures were taken to help zoom users guard against the rising threat of zoom-bombing incidents.
  • The justice warned that zoom-bombing is illegal and that those involve can be charged with central and state criminal that may lead to fine or imprisonment.
  • Zoom also added 2factor authentication (2FA) Support to all accounts in September and end to end encryption (E2EE) last month.